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the beginning...

This is just the beginning for us, but our name is already well known. The original Dewey Beach Club, owned by the Sponaugles, was the go-to locals hangout for nearly 20 years.  When the opportunity for my father and I to realize our dream came in the form of this building, we immediately knew the name we wanted. 


To many, the name alone brings back memories of late nights relaxing at the bar with friends, a welcoming atmosphere where you always seem to know someone and, most importantly, that amazingly delicious burger.  We wanted to bring that back, but with our own twist. 


My dad and I had a vision of a restaurant where you could get simple and interesting, yet delicious, food along with a hand-crafted cocktail, and the Dewey beach Club seemed like our perfect start. Our ever-evolving menu, focused on our selection of small plates, tacos, and sandwiches, is perfect for the simple eater, but will also satisfy those with more adventurous tastes. 

Pull up a seat to the bar and try our new take on an old classic. We can't wait to meet you.